IDEA FM is a newly proposed ethnic radio programming service in the Vancouver which is fresh, comprehensive and groundbreaking in its approach. The station will provide programming in 16 languages representing 18 cultures, and is designed to attract a target market of first, second and third generation members of these cultural groups in the 18+ demographic.

Our plan for Lower Mainland including Vancouver and Surrey, will deliver an innovative approach to ethnic radio content as well as important initiatives focused community and youth. We are especially excited about our involvement with youth, and our on-going efforts to foster their acceptance and growth in the highly diverse society of Canada.

IDEA FM is a labour of love for us at IDEA Broadcasting Corporation to develop this proposal for a fresh, new and innovative ethnic radio station to serve the Lower Mainland of B.C.

We carry with us a deep and abiding commitment to our community and its citizens, and to the advancement of multiculturalism, tolerance and harmony in Canadian society more generally.

We believe that IDEA-FM will successfully work toward all of these goals, while bringing new diversity of voice to the Canadian broadcasting system and most of all serving the wonderful ethnic diversity of Lower Mainland.